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About Us

The evolution of CatchLight Art Gallery began in the summer of 2004, when Betty Gaddis Yndo sponsored a nine day celebration for the arts called Once in a Blue Moon. Over 100 local artists participated and forged friendships which happily continue today at CatchLight. Several artists formed a rather loose group called the Moon Crafters. They held several art shows in Alpine and Fort Davis in 2004-06. The standards for admission into the group: you had to be easy to get along with, be willing to help, and do good art work.

Meanwhile, in September 2004, the founding members of the Big Bend Arts Council met for the first time. All the Moon Crafters became members and/or board members of BBAC. BBAC had 18 art exhibits in their gallery on 6th Street from November 2004 through May 2006 when the building owners sold the gallery. In the fall of 2005, artist (and BBAC Treasurer) Jan Moeller invited the Moon Crafters to display in her studio (Studio 110, also on 6th Street) for Gallery Night 2005 and through Christmas. The success of that experience prompted another series of shows there in 2006 and 2007.

In late August, these artists and several others met to explore the possibility of a new gallery on Holland Ave. Although this gallery would be operated cooperatively, Jan Moeller agreed to be the legal owner and Gallery Director. CatchLight Art Gallery opened October 12, less than 2 months after that first meeting. CatchLight Art Gallery's business card reads: "Illuminating the work of Big Bend artists", and indeed, all member artists are local to the Big Bend area. The standards of the original group remain: be easy to get along with, help, and do good work.

Please enjoy this sampler video of our gallery:

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